Vinci Confirmed for £16m Bath University Contract

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

The University of Bath has confirmed it has signed a £16m contract with Vinci Construction UK for the design and construction of a new five-storey teaching building. Vinci will build the General Teaching Accommodation building, which will house two 350-space lectures theatres other teaching rooms. The contract is part of the University master plan which provides a framework for the development of the campus until 2026. Completion is due in September 2013 with an opening date set for the following October. 


The general teaching accommodation (GTA) building will include a range of learning facilities, including group lecture rooms, two 350-space lectures theatres and social spaces. Glass walls spanning three storeys will provide high levels of natural light into a five-storey high circulation space. A ‘ sky-walk’ bridge will also connect the building with the main campus parade. Once completed, the 80,000 sq ft building will double the number of large scale lecture theatres on campus, allowing up to 2,000 students to use the building at any one time.


Martyn Whalley, University of Bath’s Director of Estates, said: “The Master plan sets out how we plan to provide state of the art facilities and with the new GTA we will have a wonderful resource to match the high quality of our teaching and learning.”


Steve Vorres, Regional Director, VINCI Construction UK, said “We are delighted to have been appointed by the University of Bath to deliver the new GTA building which forms part of the University’s three year major capital works investment programme. These relationships form an essential part of our key account strategy and stand us in good stead for our future pipeline”.