The Apprentice - A Saucy Episode!

Thursday, 5th April 2012
    Original CAD guys love the new series of The Apprentice (BBC One) now going strongly with last nights third episode which was about a task creating and selling a new table condiment. There was some good old-fashioned sexist fun when Katie, the self-styled “blonde assassin”, was sent to join the boys’ team. After being on the losing side and in the board room final three for the first two weeks, she immediately put herself forward as leader.   Raised eyebrows and concerned looks all round from her new team-mates. “It is very complicated…” suggested Adam trying not to appear the chauvinist. “I’m happy to take charge of a ‘sub-team’, just to give you a bit of structure,” suggested Ricky, chivalrously (whilst in an aside to the camera saying that he thought she was not up to the job).     It was another enjoyably fractious episode. The task was to make and sell condiments. Katie’s team lost, but not because the job was too complicated for her – it was mainly because Ricky, the knight in shining armour who’d put himself in charge of the “sub-team”, bungled the production, meaning they didn’t have enough bottles to sell. In a kitchen episode from ketchup hell, sauce got everywhere but into the actual bottle.     He didn’t get fired, though – that was Michael, the permanently puzzled-looking Londoner with large ears who hadn’t sold enough bottles ... even though that still wouldn’t have won the task. He wasn’t helped by his team-mates’ labelling. They’d named their Italian-style sauce “Belissimo”. Bellissimo tends to be spelt with more than one “l”…… as they found out when trying to sell to a top London deli and to an Italian!     If it’s any comfort to them, the other day we heard of a van for a frozen foods company spotted called “Artic”. Better still; the van was emblazoned with a cartoon image of a penguin – a creature found only in the Antarctic. Artic is apparently a real business, but possibly run by an ex Apprentice! Roll on next weeks episode of selling old junk.