Fishguard's 450-berth Marina Development Plans Approved

Wednesday, 18th April 2012
    Plans for a 450-berth marina and 250 apartments in a Pembrokeshire port town have received outline planning permission. Investment firm Conygar applied for outline planning consent after taking over the project in 2008 from Anglesey Boat Company who gained planning permission for a marina in Fishguard in 2003.   The project near Fishguard port will also include shops, restaurants and cafes, a light industrial area for a boatyard, workshop and fishing stores and a business area for financial and professional services. Two breakwaters to protect the marina from waves are proposed as well.   The 80-acre site (33 hectares) comprises a large proportion of the south side of Fishguard Harbour near Stena Quay, which is used for ferry services to Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland. Robert Ware the chief executive of Conygar said the planning permission gives the company "confidence to push ahead with preparing detailed proposals". As a result of discussion with Sea Trust, a local community conservation group, and other interested parties, the detailed plans would incorporate a visitor’s centre, he added.   A report to Pembrokeshire council's planning committee said the shops, restaurants and cafes would help support the marina and would "supplement" and offer something different to the town centre. A Pembrokeshire council report said the contribution to the local economy was likely to be "significant".   Local MP Stephen Crabb said the planning approval was "positive news" and an injection of confidence, to spark more job opportunities. "It comes at a time when regeneration and investment in Fishguard is needed now more than ever," he said.   Ian Davies, route director of Stena Line, called the planning approval "exciting" due to the prospective benefits it could bring for local "regeneration, tourism and job creation".   Meanwhile, a 20-acre (eight hectares) strip of land could be used for the port's expansion or for community and tourism projects. A lobster hatchery, maritime museum and sea zoo were also said to be part of the marina proposals.